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Breakwater is a dynamic company dedicated to providing "best fit" solutions to all your Security, data and networking requirements, be they permanent or temporary installations.

With over 20 years of experience, we can offer you an end to end service with the ability to supply, install and support our solutions in virtually any environment.

For further information please call 0845 287 8916. or email info@breakwatercomms.co.uk.

We now stock a range of refurbished Cicso Systems networking equipment at unbeatable prices. You can check out our stock at the Breakwater Tech-Emporium.


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What we offer you

Breakwater offer a range of services including :-

     Optimisation of your existing infrastructure
  •  Data Networking equipment hire
  •  CCTV And Security Solutions
  •  Feasability Surveys & Network Design
  •  Installation and Comissioning
  •  Maintenance and Faultfinding
  •  Network Management
  •  Training


The best technology

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Using the right technology for your network can reduce the up front cost and keep operating costs low without sacrificing reliability, no matter what the application. At Breakwater we have extensive experience of wireless telecomms technologies including...

 Licensed Microwave Radio
 Unlicensed Point-Point
 Unlicensed Point-MultiPoint
 Wireless LAN
 Free Space Optical
 Network Management


Security solutions

The technology used in modern CCTV and security equipment means that solutions are becoming both more capable and more affordable.

We can provide the total package including supply, installation, testing and support, including remote access to the cameras and automated alerts

No two requirements are the same, so every solution is tailored to your exact requirements