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Breakwater is a dynamic company dedicated to providing "best fit" solutions to all your Security, data and networking requirements, be they permanent or temporary installations.

With over 20 years of experience, we can offer you an end to end service with the ability to supply, install and support our solutions in virtually any environment.

For further information please call 0845 287 8916. or email info@breakwatercomms.co.uk.

We now stock a range of refurbished Cicso Systems networking equipment at unbeatable prices. You can check out our stock at the Breakwater Tech-Emporium.


The best technology is the right technology

Building the right network starts with selecting the best technology for your specific application :-

 IP Based CCTV systems

From one camera to a network covering an entire site, the latest IP based CCTV solutions provide a flexible, scalable and affordable solution to your security needs. Remote access to the cameras, video recording and automated alerts are just some of the facilities which the latest technologies offer.

 Licensed Microwave Radio

Guaranteed availability and ever-falling equipment costs make Licensed Microwave Radio a realistic option for SME. Capacities from 40Mb to 1Gb are available using the very latest in RF technology.

 Unlicensed Point-Point

Operating in the 5GHz band, unlicensed technology provides a surprisingly inexpensive and rapidly deployable alternative to leased lines for applicaitons such as inter-building connectivity and wireless backhaul.

 Unlicensed Point-Multipoint

Providing secure, reliable and cost effective broadband ethernet connectivity across wide metropolitan or rural areas, suitable for both commercial and domestic applications.

 Wireless LAN

In-building and outdoor wireless hot-spots providing corporate LAN, educational network and public internet connectivity.


The very latest technology providing interference robustness, even in the unlicensed bands. Combine this with high bandwidth and an ever growing range of client devices for a futureproof investment in your network.

 Free Space Optical

Providing high capacity connectivity over short distances, FSO provides an alternative to unlicensed technology where high throughput and interference immunity is essential.

 Network Management

The best technology is no use if you can't identify issues before they become problems. We provide a range of SNMP solutions, including installation, configuration and support. This is available for new links and also for your existing network equipment allowing everything to be monitored from one place.